ULTIMA-Track Opal White IP40

ULTIMA-T is a set of track modules which can be placed at will in an extended 24 V track system. Each modules offers the exact same features as ULTIMA-S aside of its power feeding.

ULTIMA-T            OL IP40
Please complete all steps of the configuration.
1Choose lighting source:  
Static White
Tunable White
2Choose category:  
3Choose Power/meter:  
6 W/m
10 W/m
15 W/m
4Choose color Temperature:  
2.200 K 420 lm/m
2.700 K 490 lm/m
3.000 K 500 lm/m
3.500 K 520 lm/m
4.000 K 520 lm/m
5.000 K 590 lm/m
5Define luminaire length:  
290 mm
540 mm
790 mm
1040 mm
1290 mm
1540 mm
6Choose Profile Color:  
Black profile
Silver profile