New Products 2020

Innovations from LED Linear™


Breathtaking below the waterline 

Rigid linear pool and water feature fixture with opal extruded body and 220° beam angle in custom lengths up to 5m. Special PVC material composition, which is Chlorine resistant for continuous immersion in water with chlorine concentration up to 5 ppm. Length are freely configurable between 544 mm and 5044 mm in steps of 62.5 mm. NEPTUNE comes with a backside cable exit with 6 m open end cable (chlorin resistant).


Tailored for architectural lighting 

ULTIMA-T is a set of track modules which can be placed at will in an extended 24 V track system. Each modules offers the exact same features as ULTIMA-S aside of its power feeding. Ideal for gallery & museum lighting or spaces requiring multiple lighting effects with strong structural restrictions. ULTIMA-T can be placed anywhere in the recessed trimless, recessed with trim or surface / pendant track systems.


Small, fine and powerful

With a high degree of flexibility and minimalist compactness, ULTIMA-S delivers a new design freedom in architectural lighting. The use of innovative nano-optics enabled a reduction of the luminaire size to a profile of 10 x 13 mm while enhancing the lighting effects. Seven precise light distributions are available, from spotlight to asymmetric. The antiglare louver conceals the light source. 



The age of nano optics has begun: A sleek and functional design enables mountings close to the illuminated surface while keeping the luminaire as discrete as possible in the architecture for optimal grazing effects and minimally invasive installation. Nano lens optics allow precise control of the light distribution while maximizing lumen output and minimalizing color over angle for crisp and homogeneous grazing.