LED Linear – Projects

Tunnel lighting, Copenhagen

Architect:Core Arkitekter DK
Lighting design:Lighting, Sweco DK
Product:VarioLED HYDRA LD5 IP67, VarioLED HYDRA LD25 IP67
LED Linear Partner:Okholm Lighting
Customer:City of Copenhagen
Location:Nordhavn station, Copenhagen
Photos:Lighting, Sweco DK


With the products of LED Linear, a durable and efficient tunnel lighting was realized at this underpass in Copenhagen. Good lighting is essentially important for the safety of users in this application, therefore much attention has been paid to the sufficient luminance and homogeneous light. But the vertical lines of light are also attractive from a decorative point of view and set attractive accents. The path is now designed inviting and safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

Also the control meets the needs of the users, because the lights are divided into groups and can therefore be switched on and off or dimmed groupwise. Thus, an adjustments to the daylight is possible.

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