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Titanium One, Ahmedabad

Architect:Apurva Amin
Lighting design:Lighting Concepts / Ms. Ekta Sanghvvi
Product:VarioLED Flex NIKE White HD8 TV IP67, KALYPSO HYDRA HD15 IP67
Customer:Goyal & Co.
Location:Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Photos:Archit Prajapati


Titanium One is an office project with showrooms on the ground floor and first floor and offices above. It is a first landmark high rise building on SG Highway, Rajpath Road. The building can be seen from a faraway distance from either side of the SG Highway. Located on the most envious location of SG Highway, it is adorned with a modernistic façade that compliments the location.


VarioLED™ Flex NIKE TV IP67 in W827 was used to illuminate the crown of the building. In total, 108 luminaires each in a length of 5 meters were installed. Vertical lines on East, West, North, South transform the building into a shining landmark at night.


The KALYPSO HD15 IP67 in W830 was installed to graze the wall on the exit way for vehicles. This area is designed to be appealing and safe.



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