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Tiffany Moscow

Product:VarioLED Flex VENUS Color B SV IP67, VarioLED Flex VENUS IQ White SV IP67
Location:Shopping center GUM, Moscow, Russia
Photos:Johannes Pracht


The requirement for the lighting in this project was a homogeneous light-emitting surface combined with a small cross section and high flexibility, both in the replica of the arches and in the length of the luminaire design. Therefore the project was implemented with the VarioLED ™ Flex VENUS WHITE IQ SV IP67. Elegant on the one hand and as functional on the other, because in the IQ White variant the continuous color choice between 2,300 K and 5,100 K is possible. Thus, in the shop area the goods can be attractively presented through clever color choices and the well-being of clients can be increased.

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