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Swimming hall Røykenbadet

Architect:Rambøll and NUNO Arkitekter
Lighting design:Rambøll and AKB Lighting as
LED Linear Partner:AKB Lighting as
Customer:Røyken Kommune
Location:Røyken, Norway
Photos:Fogra Reklamefoto as
Electroentrepreneur: Olaf Helge ASK


The Røykenbadet is the largest public health facility in the area with 9000 m² and includes swimming pool, fitness center, climbing facilities, cafeteria and various health services. In the modern bathing and swimming pool there are five different pools and a 60-meter water slide. The hall is modern, with high windows and a wooden paneling on the ceiling, it looks open and friendly. The linear luminaire XOOLIGHT™ was integrated into the ceiling. The luminaire body with a width of 42 mm is just as wide as the wooden beams and therefore harmoniously fits into the ceiling. An interesting symbiosis of the different materials. An IP67 solution has been chosen for the use in the swimming hall, which meets the environmental requirements. Thanks to the opal encapsulation the light is absolutely homogeneous and point-free, which creates an appealing general lighting. Also in the cafeteria of the facility are the linear lines. The cafeteria is a meeting point for the visitors, the light lines support them with the orientation and make it possible to easier differentiate the areas visually.



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