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Meadows Shopping Centre, UK

Lighting design:Studio Fractal
Product:VarioLED Flex HYDRA HD10, VarioLED Flex HYDRA LD25, VarioLED Flex VENUS White TV IP67
LED Linear Partner:Architainment Lighting Ltd
Customer:The Meadows Shopping Centre
Location:Chelmsford City, UK
Photos:Studio Fractal and The Meadows Shopping Centre
Electrical Contractor: Birchalls Electrical Ltd


The Meadows Shopping Centre lies in the heart of Chelmsford City Centre between the rivers Can and Chelmer, and offers a unique shopping experience where popular national brands such as Fat Face, Warehouse, BHS and Giraffe sit alongside bespoke independent retailers giving visitors great choice and variety. As part of a refurbishment programme, the three original stone entrances have been replaced by striking, contemporary glazed facades, whilst both the primary and feature lighting has been upgraded with dimmable LED lighting.


Award winning lighting designers Studio Fractal were commissioned to design the new lighting, and worked with Architainment Lighting Ltd and Birchalls Electrical Ltd to deliver the final solution. With over two hundred metres of coving to illuminate across the centre, it was imperative to choose a solution that was not only energy efficient, but reliable due to it’s limited accessibility. VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA LD25 was installed in the coving, whilst VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA HD10 was selected for the edge of the dropped ceiling in the double height atriums due to its higher light output. To visually enhance the new full height glass facades, each entrance features the new illuminated Meadows logo, whilst VarioLED™ Flex VENUS TV IP67 has been embedded into the external stonework to frame each entrance. The new lighting solution now has a variety of timed lighting themes, automatic regulation of internal lighting, and a custom Meadows branded touch screen that the Centre Management team can use for both regular use and special occasions.


“We’re delighted with the results of the refurbishment and the positive difference it’s made to the centre. Both the centre entrances and the internal lighting have significantly improved the overall appearance of the centre and have received lots of positive comments from our shoppers.” says Sue Patel, Centre Manager at the Meadows Shopping Centre.



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