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Dinner by Design, Toronto

Lighting design:Mulvey & Banani Lighting
Customer:Dinner by Design via Design Exchange
Location:Toronto, Canada
Photos:Alex Ng
Lighting Sponsor: TPL Lighting
Design: Gensler


Dynamic, infinite, minimal: Gensler’s design concept is based on creating a unique, dynamic dining experience for the future, where space is made of energy and light.


“Our design inspiration came from a desire to explore the concept of a Möbius strip that would wrap the entire volume and also serve as the dining surface. Our intent was to make the Möbius strip the focus of the space and to make an enclosure that would dematerialize. We wanted a dramatic contrast between void and mass and we hope you like the result. “ - Michelle Park, Project Manager.


Gensler Team: Valerie Cardozo, Michelle Park, Alec Ng, Jonathan Lim, Victor Chan, Dennis To, Angela Bachetti, Felipe Gonzalez


Project Sponsors: Vestacon, Manulife, Svend Nielson, Ell-Rod, Willis, Maxxit, Corian, Herman Miller, MBL, Magis, TPL, PeterMcCann, Dupont

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