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DataStore Spreitenbach, Switzerland

Building owner:DataStore AG, Spreitenbach
Lighting design:LIGHT ON, Zollikon
Product:VarioLED Flex HYDRA HD15, VarioLED Flex HYDRA LD25, VarioLED Flex RGB HD20, VarioLED Flex HYDRA HD36
Location:Spreitenbach, Switzerland
Photos:Daniel Kessler, Zurich


The IT consultancy and solutions company hired LIGHT ON to create a new lighting design for its seminar room, as well as the adjacent demonstration room for server technology. The new concept is based on an optical separation of meeting and server room by means of a mirror film. If the server room is not lit, the meeting room appears large thanks to the mirrored glass surface without visitors knowing what is behind the reflective surface.


The illumination of the server room also holds another surprise in store however: The mirror surface is transparent and allows a clear view of the technical server components, which can also be illuminated in a variety of different light atmospheres. The suspended lights in the meeting room were especially designed and created by LIGHT ON and were realized with the LED tapes VarioLED Flex HYDRA LD25, VarioLED Flex HYDRA HD15/36 and VarioLED Flex RGB HD20.


Read more about the project at LIGHT ON >>

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