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Baltic House, Hamburg

Lighting design:list lichtdesign
Product:VarioLED Flex VENUS Top View IP67
Photos:LED Linear™ / Günther Fotodesign
Architect Design: GRS Reimer Architekten, Elsmhorn
Architect Implementation: Hans-Ulrich Zöllner Architekten BDB, Hamburg


The Baltic House in Hamburg's city center is characterized by its clear lines and simple material selection. These lines were also the template for the lighting design, which chose light lines very quickly. The rounded corner and the clear floor plan should be highlighted by linear lighting. Therefore the linear LED light line VarioLED™ Flex VENUS from LED Linear was used. The light line is flexible, IP67 protected against environmental influences and impresses above all with the absolutely point-free light emission surface.


This concept caused lively discussions in the committee of the building authority, which were finally ended by the building senator: the concept was approved, but with the requirement to reduce the brightness to the end of the light lines.


This brightness curve could be realized with many small luminaires in a lengths of 30 cm. Each luminaire has its own address in the light control system and is controlled separately. The sections at the corner get 100%, towards the ends the light levels become lower - therefore the decent, but striking light course on both building wings develop

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