VarioLED Flex HYDRA LD15
LED Linear GmbH
  • up to 15.4 W/m
  • up to 2,210 lm/m
  • One Bin Only: 3 MacAdam
  • up to CRI 85
24 V, flexible LED strip with reflective, white surface and 3M adhesive tape on the back. With a step measurement of 125mm and a LED pitch of 17.86 mm the first choice for indirect cove lighting and other applications without direct top view.
Japanese LEDs of the highest quality. 120° beam angle. Very good color reproduction up to CRI 85. “One Bin Only” within 3 MacAdam guarantees constant color temperature and high light quality at a lifetime of > 60,000 h (L80/B10).
Single-layer, flexible circuit board material (FPCB) with LED Linear™ Tj Away® Technology for optimal heat management. Constant light output and extended lifetime thanks to an integrated constant current source on the circuit board. Protected against electrostatic discharge +/- 2,000 V.
This product is delivered on a reel in maximum length.

Made in Germany.
Available color temperatures:
  • 2000 K
  • 2200 K
  • 2500 K
  • 2700 K
  • 3000 K
  • 3500 K
  • 4000 K
  • 5000 K
Safety checked and certified by Intertek incl. quarterly product and production site audit.



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