Flexible design luminaries – Side View

Rmin = 15 cm


Installation instruction:



Flexible linear design LED light lines


  • Cross section: 20.5 mm x 10.0 mm and bending direction horizontally
  • Length: 227.5 mm – 4,040 mm
  • Power: 15 W/m
  • Luminous flux: bis zu 770 lm/m
  • Dot free and absolutely homogeneous light emission surface
  • Flexibility combined with high durability: IP67 protected against water, salt water and UV radiation by an opal Polyurethane encapsulation
  • Bending radius of 15 cm


Chapter VarioLED Flex SKYLLA SV IP67 (.pdf)


Accessories VarioLED Flex VENUS/PHOBOS/SKYLLA/NIKE Accessories (.pdf)

VarioLED Flex SKYLLA Side View IP67
Voltage Watt/m Lumen/m* CRI Lifetime
L80 (h)
max. Length
SKYLLA White SV IP67 24 V 15.4 770 85 > 60,000 4.0
* White:The luminous flux is related to W850. With warmer light colors the luminous flux is reduced. The given data are typical values. Due to tolerances of the production process and the electrical components, values for light output and electrical power can vary up to 10%.

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