24 V, clear encapsulated LED-linear luminaire in an aluminum profile, offering 9 high quality optics to choose from. Diffuser optics, clear, diffuse or opal covers, make soft light settings possible.
XOOLINE               /    -  -IP67
Please complete all steps of the configuration.
1Choose LED Tape:  
HYDRA LD5490 lm/m*
HYDRA LD10980 lm/m*
HYDRA LD151,570 lm/m*
HYDRA LD252,550 lm/m*
HYDRA HD6590 lm/m*
HYDRA HD10980 lm/m*
HYDRA HD151,570 lm/m*
HYDRA HD252,550 lm/m*
* Lumen/m @W850
2Choose Color Temperature:  
2,500 K
290 lm/m*
2,900 K
330 lm/m*
3,300 K
370 lm/m*
3,600 K
330 lm/m*
4,300 K
340 lm/m*
4,900 K
350 lm/m*
6,600 K
360 lm/m*
9,600 K
490 lm/m*
3Define luminaire length:  
L min = 129.0 mm
L max = 2,005.0 mm
4Choose Cover:  
Opal round
Diffuse round
Clear round
Opal low square
Diffuse low square
Clear low square
Opal high square
Diffuse high square
5Choose Ingress protection:  
IP67 (outdoor)

Configuration completed!

XOOLINE               /    -  -IP67
LED Tape:
Color Temperature:
Ingress protection: IP67 (outdoor)

Thank you for your request.

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