VarioLED Flex HYDRA White IP67

24 V, Water and UV resistant flexible linear LED luminaire in up to 5m length in polyurethane encapsulation with white casing and with 200 mm IP67 mini connectors on both ends.
VarioLED Flex HYDRA HD15     /     IP67
Please complete all steps of the configuration.
1Choose Color Temperature:  
2,500 K
1,090 lm/m*
2,900 K
1,250 lm/m*
3,300 K
1,430 lm/m*
3,800 K
1,510 lm/m*
4,300 K
1,600 lm/m*
5,100 K
1,690 lm/m*
6,100 K
1,720 lm/m*
9,600 K
1,880 lm/m*
2Define luminaire length:  
L min = 81.5 mm
L max = 4,019.0 mm

Configuration completed!

VarioLED Flex HYDRA HD15     /     IP67
Color Temperature:

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