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LUMINARIS – The new standard for North America



LED Linear™ offers the world‘s highest quality LED tapes. After collecting feedback and input from some of our closest stakeholders, LED Linear™ USA is delighted to officially announce the launch of the new tape family LUMINARIS.


Here are some facts about LUMINARIS:


The LUMINARIS tape is the perfect LED product for applications where cost savings are required without sacrificing light quality. There are two different LED pitch options to suit different application types. The tapes are manufactured in the unique Reel-to-Reel (R2R) process for best-in-class thermal management: Tj Away®.  Integrated Circuits (IC) on each step guarantee 100% output from the first step to the last step. LUMINARIS provides 4 lumen packages up to 753 lm/ft light output and 4 color temperatures, ranging from 2,700 K to 4,000 K. Overall an excellent color consistency is ensured by the 3 Step MacAdams.


Effective of September 2018, VarioLED™ Flex ECO Tape family is being discontinued and replaced by LUMINARIS.


Why LED Linear™ Tapes?


Compared  to other tapes that use resistors and lose more than 25% of light at the end of the run, LED Linear™ uses IC drivers that guarantee 100% consistent light over the full specified length of the products.


Our tapes also offer the following advantages:

1. LED Linear™ tapes are controlled by Integrated Circuit (IC) drivers

2. LED Linear™ tapes are produced with Reel-to-Reel (R2R) Technology in Germany

3. LED Linear™ tapes have patented TjAway thermal management technology

4. LED Linear™ tapes have One Bin Only Technology for color consistency

5. LED Linear™ spec sheets publish L/B Lifetime values for all tape products

6. LED Linear™ spec sheets publish 6 Digit Photometric Code for all tape products


Quick Shipping Program:

Best product – fast delivery


As of now LED Linear™ offers a quick shipping program within US territory that contains three delivery options.


2-3 Day Shipping

Express delivery of all the parts and pieces to allow for a complete field configurable installation.  This includes tape reels, connectors, channels, covers and mounting hardware.  Suitable for applications where run lengths can not be determined in advance.


1-2 Weeks Shipping

Quick delivery of runs that can be adjusted in the field.  LED Linear™ will cut the tapes and channels to the requested length but final assembly will take place in the field.  Useful for applications where measurements are known, but could slightly vary.


3-4 Weeks Shipping

Fast shipping option that provides the complete fixture assembled, packaged and labeled by LED Linear™.  This will provide for a quick, safe and easy installation.


For any questions or suggestions, please connect with us. Thank You!

LED Linear™ USA Team




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