As trivial as it sounds, a great luminaire starts with a great light source. We, at LED Linear™, consider this aspect to be the key to a unique lighting experience. We carefully select the best LED packages available in terms of quality and reliability. Using our state-of-the-art Reel-to-Reel (R2R) process production lines, these LEDs are soldered automatically in a precise manner with numerous in-line inspections. This production process offers LED tapes without stairway-high loss-effect between cut lengths and improved mechanical stability due to homogeneous flexible material compared to sheet-to-sheet or rigid PCB light modules.

NanoRay technology

NanoRay is a new technology enabling the engineering and the production of nano structured optics. The size of the structures is comparable to 1/10 of a human hair which enables an absolute control of the lighting distribution, as well as the color over angle. In order to get these new optics to work at their best, the smallest possible light source is needed. LED manufacturers offered the perfect solution: Chip Scale Package LEDs (CSP). This new generation of LEDs is only 1 x 1 mm and offers many advantages such as better thermal management. That means a better lifetime and an outstanding color rendition performances compared to previous technologies. With the newest generation of LED – CSP which have a better CRI and R9 value we could start to use these optics. Thanks to this combination LED Linear™ was able to shrink the footprint of their luminaires while improving its performances. 

Luminaire encapsulation

Polyurethane potting stations allowing the production of IP67 light lines up to 10 m in length. PU shows superior test performance compared to silicone and is more water-proof as others. It also outperforms other encapsulation technologies in terms of chemical resistance.


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Light is our Passion

Innovative lighting systems from LED Linear™ offer you the freedom to stage your performance individually with extraordinary highlights. They strengthen your brand, accentuate your product or enliven public areas such as bridges, facades or works of art and always achieve the desired effect.


Headquarter Krinkels

Breda, Netherlands

The headquarters of the landscape building company Krinkels B.V. is a real gem. A lot of greenery and organic shapes have created a space that is both spectacular and fits perfectly into the landscape. The combination of the impressive wooden floor and the staircase is a characteristic part of the design by Paul de Ruiter Architects. Q-CAT Lighting helped highlight the design of the stairs and tree bench and highlight the lines. This is based on the lighting design by Beersnielsen's lighting designers. The flexible light lines from LED Linear™ under the handrail of the stairs create a subtle indirect light effect and also contribute to the safety aspect. The light line integrated into the tree bench releases this element and thus increases the dynamism of the room. VarioLED™ Flex PHOBOS Top View and Side View in 3,000 K and 3,300 K were used in several customer-specific lengths. Read more